ATTENTION RHODE ISLAND ATHEISTS, FREETHINKERS, AGNOSTICS OR OTHER NON-BELIEVERS!!! Rhode Island Atheists welcomes you to speak up, join in and come out! You may be fed up with religion’s influence in politics and war, and their efforts against scientific advancement. You may be tired of bigotry, intolerance, and interference with our fundamental human rights. You may simply be tired of imaginary beings getting more respect than human beings. You have a voice and you are not alone!

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Activism and education are, first and foremost, about raising the profile of atheism and normalizing atheism in the public discourse. With our community projects, public education campaigns, and activism resources, we encourage the millions of atheists who are “in the closet” to come out as atheists and be proud of representing their values authentically.


The purpose of Atheist Voter is simple: Ensure that elected officials know that atheists, agnostics, and other nonreligious constituents vote–and vote in huge numbers–so they can no longer simply ignore us or take our votes for granted.

The effects of religion in public policy issues can be seen in every level of government: from anti-LGBT discrimination to restricting the healthcare choices of women, from preferential treatment for religious group in the tax code to the excuse of “it’s tradition” for allowing Christian ideology to remain part of everyday government practices.

Our Vision

RI Atheists envision a state in which public policy is made using the best evidence we have rather than religious dogma and where religious beliefs are no longer seen as an excuse for bigotry or cause to receive special treatment from the government. We fight for religious equality for all Americans by protecting what Thomas Jefferson called the “wall of separation” between state and church created by the First Amendment. 

RI Atheists

Roger Williams, a staunch advocate for religious freedom and separation of church & state, founded Rhode Island as a haven for those “distressed of conscience.” Rhode Island Atheists seeks to restore his dream, along with our state’s birthright.